WE ARE led by:


Steve Watson is the Maricopa County School Superintendent and, as such, leads the Maricopa County Education Service Agency. He is one of 12 elected Maricopa County officials. Mr. Watson, a Republican, was elected in 2016, and is serving his first four-year term.
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WE ARE the office of the Maricopa County School Superintendent and a team made up of teachers, principals, curriculum experts, special education experts, professional development experts, assessment experts, human capital management experts, finance and business experts, information technology experts, legislative experts, governing board experts, homeschool and private school experts, research and evaluation experts, juvenile justice experts, citizens, parents, and grandparents.

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WE ARE these dynamic leadership teams:

Economic Management

Marc Kuffner leads the Economic Management team that provides a suite of financial and technical services to school districts such as grants management, school financial consulting, working cooperatively with school districts in determining local property tax rates and information technology training and consulting. Contact Marc Kuffner

Education Innovation

Dr. Lori Shough leads the Education Innovation team. Education Innovations is comprised of education leaders and experts in the areas of curriculum, instruction, assessment, and leadership. The team provides targeted support to teachers, school leaders, and instructional coaches through a variety of differentiated support options. Contact Lori Shough

Human Capital Management Systems 

Dr. Lori Renfro leads the Human Capital Management Systems team. Human Capital Management is focused on recruiting, retaining, placing, and sustaining highly effective educators in our schools. Contact Lori Renfro

Marketing & Communications Systems

Laurie King leads the Marketing and Communications team. The team develops agency marketing materials, communication systems and customer engagement opportunities. Contact Laurie King

Constituent Services

Veronica Brawner leads the Constituent Services team, which makes the MCESA experience an exceptional experience. The Constituent Services team is comprised of experts in the areas of School Governing Board Elections, Private and Homeschooling, as well as all things related to the MCESA events, facilities and scheduling. Contact

Alma Vital-Johnson Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7313      alma.vital@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Alysia Wells Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7312    alysia.wells@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Amy Uchacz Admin for Teacher Leader and Principal Development

(602) 372-5491  amy.uchacz@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Ana Sanchez Client Services Specialist

(602) 506-3866 ana.sanchez@mcesa.maricopa.gov  

Anabella Lindh Graphic Designer

(602) 506 7541 anabella.lindh@mcesa.maricopa.gov

April Black Opportunity Culture Project Lead

(602) 506-2896 april.castillo@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Arlynn Godinez ESI STEM Pedagogical Content Expert

(602) 506-0307 arlynn.godinez@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Beatrice Begay Business Svc Representative

(602) 506-7985 beatrice.begay@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Brian Hoffner Standards Professional Development Coord-Science

(602) 506-7058 brian.hoffner@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Carolyn Contreras

(602) 372-7511


Carrie Gunderson Garnishment Specialist

(602) 372-4833 carrie.gunderson@mcesa.maricopa.gov 

Christina Valenciano Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7309 christina.valenciano@mcesa.maricopa.gov 

Christianne Nutt Field Specialist


Chryste Berda Math Administrator

(602) 372-7318 chryste.berda@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Cory Peacock Assessment Coordinator

(602) 506-3219 cory.peacock@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Darcy Moody STEM Administrator

(602) 506-6520 darcy.moody@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Darrin Fetters Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7323 darrin.fetters@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Denise Weihe Business Svc Specialist

(602) 506-7121 denise.weihe@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Don Miller PC Systems Support

(602) 372-7022         don.miller@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Donna Yakoubi Financial Application Support Coordinator

(602) 372-4833      donna.foti@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Donna Hicks Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7317   donna.hicks@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Elections Specialist

(602) 506-3978


Emily Carey Human Capital Mgmt Sys-Admin

(602) 372-7326


Eric Hockman Data Mgmt System Program Mgr.

(602) 372-7318 eric.hockman@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Executive Asst. to Superintendent

(602) 506-3661

Felicia Nelson Youth Ed Engagement Mentor

(602) 372-7352 felicia.nelson@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Gale Beauchamp Engineering STEM Identity Project Director

(602) 372-7295 gale.beauchamp@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Ginger Topize Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7327 ginger.topize@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Hope Olguin Executive Assistant to Chief Deputy Superintendent

(602) 506-6139   hope.olguin@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Jamie Vought ESI STEM Coach

(602) 506-3222  602-376-3936 jamie.vought@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Janice Johnson Admin-Youth Education Engagement Services

(602) 372-7336 janice.johnson@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Jared Lizano Math Standards Coordinator

(602) 372-7358


Jean-Claude Mbock PC/Lan Analyst

(602) 506-2897 jean-claude.mbock@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Jeff Starr Business Integration Specialist

(602) 506-2926         jeff.starr@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Jenni Gibbs Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7334    jenni.gibbs@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Jennifer Buchanan Assessment Coordinator

(602) 372-7234  jennifer.buchanan@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Jennifer Schenck REIL-TNG Data System Specialist

(602) 506-1564


Joe Valenzuela Youth Education Engagement Mentor

(602) 372-7355 joe.valenzuela@mcesa.maricopa.gov

John Lutz REIL Videographer


Judy Campbell Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7320 judy.campbell@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Karen Rodriguez Business Svc Specialist

(602) 372-4833 karen.rodriguez@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Karla Gutierrez-Whitmire Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7317                               karla.gutierrez-whitmire@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Kendra Moreno REIL-Extend Program Director

(602) 695-2660 kendra.moreno@mcesa.maricopa.gov


Laurie King Executive Director of Marketing and Communications

(602) 372-3704     laurie.king@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Leslie Beauchamp Field Specialist Principal Coach

(602) 372-7328 leslie.beauchamp@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Linda Califano Field Specialist

(602) 506-2594 linda.califano@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Linda Schaefer Admin. Assistant

(602) 506-6557 linda.schaefer@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Lori Renfro Asst. Superintendent, Human Capital Management Systems

(602) 372-3705      lori.renfro@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Lori Shough Asst. Superintendent, Educational Innovation

(602) 506-3066   lori.shough@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Lucia Martinez Admin Assistant

(602) 372-0428 lucia.martinez@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Marc Kuffner Executive Director of Finance

(602) 506-2068       marc.kuffner@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Mark Wolf Research Data Management/Grant Dev Analyst  (602) 372-8210                                 


Marla Chamberlain Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7322 marla.chamberlain@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Marlys Weaver-Stoesz Marketing and Comm Administrator

(602) 506-3055                                      marlys.weaver-stoesz@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Michael Labrecque Field Specialist

(602) 372-7321 michael.labrecque@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Michele Rutin Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7309 michele.rutin@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Michelle Yerkes Professional Development Coordinator

(602) 506-1649 michelle.yerkes@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Mike Martinez Financial Systems Operations Manager

(602) 372-4833 mike.martinez@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Millie Thompson Accounts Payable Specialist

(602) 372-4833 millie.thompson@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Nancy Feiring Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7322 nancy.feiring@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Nancy Penzone Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7327 nancy.penzone@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Natasha Camp Administrator for Instructional Leadership Development

(602) 372-0436 natasha.camp@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Patricia Cooley Executive Assistant to Superintendent

(602) 506-3661



Peter Sharbaugh Data Coordinator


Rebecca Surls Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7329 rebecca.surls@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Renee Estrella-Chavez Supportive Schools PD Coordinator

(602) 372-3668                               renee.estrella-chavez@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Richard Eagan Program Manager

(602) 372-9135 richard.eagan@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Sara Pearson Math Standards Coordinator

(602) 372-7319


Sara Reimer Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7330   sara.reimer@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Sarah Steele Youth ED Engagement Mentor

(602) 372-7351   sarah.steele@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Sauda Waldron Data Coordinator

(602) 372-3912 sauda.waldron@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Scott Watson Systems Administrator

(602) 506-5484   scott.watson@mail.maricopa.gov

Shane Wikfors Government/Public Relations

(602) 506-4383 shane.wikfors@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Shaun Butterfield REIL Extend Marketing Coordinator

(602) 506-1239 shaun.butterfield@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Sherry Frye Financial/Business Representative

(602) 506-2969    sherry.frye@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Susan LaValley Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7310 susan.lavalley@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Sylvia Olmos Math Standards Coordinator

(602) 506-4996 sylvia.olmos@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Tammy Blanchard HR Associate

(602) 506-1490 tammy.blanchard@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Tanya Gabrick Field Specialist

(602) 372-7338 tanya.gabrick@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Tayler Ross REIL Extend Project Manager

(602) 506-8318    tayler.ross@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Tessa Otero Office Assistant Specialized

(602) 506-3780  tessa.otero@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Theresa Ysaguirre Accounting Specialist

(602) 372-1245


Theresa Hulihan Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7311 theresa.hulihan@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Traci Price Peer Evaluator

(602) 372-7332      traci.price@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Tracy McLaughlin  Itinerant Business Mgr.

(602) 506-3958    tracy.mclaughlin@mcesa.maricopa.gov

Tyler Elder Videographer

(602) 372-5684    tyler.elder@mcesa.maricopa.gov

 Wendy Peterson Standards Coordinator - ELA

(602) 506-2528 wendy.peterson@mcesa.maricopa.gov