Do you have a balanced assessment plan? In addition to state and national assessments, balanced assessment plans necessitate locally-developed assessments that monitor learning with finer precision aligned to local practices. MCESA supports LEAs with ensuring that any locally-developed assessments are aligned to their intended use in both quality and rigor.

Assessment Services

Assessment Review: Creating local assessments involves a significant effort in time and energy. MCESA offers external reviews to lend support to validity claims. In this service, subject matter experts evaluate LEA-created assessments against standards for best practices in assessment development and then provide feedback for improvement. Reviews focus on standards alignment and representation, potential bias, level of rigor, and overall item clarity.

Custom Consultation: Drawing from MCESA’s extensive experience in assessment development, LEAs can build their own combination of custom support to feel confident in having the best possible assessment tools needed for formative or summative assessment.

Assessment Workshops

DOK 3 and Assessment: Depth of Knowledge is an excellent
indicator of the level of rigor of an assessment. This workshop focuses on developing a deep understanding of Depth of Knowledge and how it can be incorporated into a variety of curriculum and assessment practices by teachers or LEAs.

Best Practices in Writing Assessments: It takes concerted effort to craft a quality assessment. In this workshop, participants will learn how to write any type of assessment items that target a range of rigor levels. This workshop is appropriate for all subject areas.

Creating Performance Assessments: Performance assessments require a unique developmental approach to ensure that they target the desired skills being assessed. This workshop focuses on developing manageable tasks and aligned rubrics for assessing what students can do versus what they know.

Using Reports for Data-Driven Instruction: Sometimes PLC groups need to quickly make meaning of assessment data that will soon expire. This quick workshop supports educators with setting an intention and using reports with a simple three-step process.

Item Bank Optimization: Pre-purchased assessment item banks are a wonderful resource to support teachers with developing common formative assessments. This workshop supports teachers with selecting items that align to their assessment intentions or writing and revising items to be more closely aligned to the rigor of the standard.

Assessment Products

Special Area Assessments: MCESA has developed multiple-choice assessments suitable for educator
effectiveness models for select courses in fine arts, physical education and social studies. Each assessment includes a pre-post pair, an assessment blueprint, and a supporting data analysis tool. Contact MCESA for more information.

Performance Assessments for Special Areas: MCESA has performance assessments for 10 courses in fine arts and physical education available for free download here. Each MCESA Performance Assessment is a comprehensive tool to support formative assessment, including diagnosing student capabilities, providing feedback to students on their skill development, or demonstrating progress of student learning.