Do you question whether you are looking at the right data at the right time for the right purpose?  With abundant resources available, it’s easy to feel like you are drowning in data.  MCESA can help move you towards a more managed and ideal state of data harmony.

Data Literacy Services

Data Wellness Screener: This survey-like tool enables leaders to self-reflect on their personal data literacy, their role as a leader of a data literate system, as well as the overall data literacy of their system. The tool can be downloaded at MCESA’s website for individual use. However, it is recommended that teams of leaders complete the screener collaboratively to maximize the reflective analysis. MCESA facilitates a reflective process at schools or LEA offices for specialized support, or group workshops are offered throughout the year at MCESA. Download here.

PLC Support: One of the most important tasks of a professional learning community is the purposeful analysis of data. However, many PLCs need support with building team leaders, being prepared, developing skills, or increasing knowledge. MCESA can meet with any shape or size of professional learning community to guide data analysis sessions. This could take the form of meeting with groups of teachers to analyze benchmark assessment data or leading a group of leaders in analyzing trends in demographics and attendance.

Formative Initiative Data Analysis: Schools and LEAs are constantly embarking on new initiatives to solve local problems. However, it takes effort and focus to monitor that the initiative is proceeding well and that the desired results are being achieved. Ideally, reflections on progress are data-based and not solely formed by visceral perceptions. With this custom service, MCESA supports LEAs with defining data questions, identifying data sources, collecting data and facilitating analysis. This service is akin to a formative program evaluation to monitor that actions are making the desired impact.

Custom Consultation: Drawing from MCESA’s extensive repertoire of workshops and hands-on support, LEAs can build their own series of custom support to become a system driven by data-based decision-making.


Data Literacy Workshops

Building Data Action Teams: Some LEAs are just getting started with developing a culture of using data to support student learning, and a good starting place is to have a strong data team. This workshop provides LEAs with an understanding of how data teams are important, strategies for nurturing a data culture, and solutions to practical logistics for building effective data teams.

Successful Data Analysis: Having data is only half the battle, knowing what to do with data encompasses a skill set. This workshop focuses on developing a process and a toolkit of strategies for looking at data that is based on best practices and can be applied to any data analysis situation. While only practice data analysis occurs in the workshop, participants will leave ready to apply the strategies to their own settings.

New Initiative Institute: If you are beginning a new initiative and want to be grounded in the needs that are evidenced by data, then this institute is an ideal starting place. The first half of the institute provides support with framing the desired outcome of the initiative and planning the needed data to understand the starting point. Then participants have time to collect and bring the relevant data to the next session. In the second half, support is provided to analyze the data and make the action plans specific to your initiative. This course can be paired with additional courses from the MCESA Leadership Series and/or the MCESA STEM Leadership Series which supplement the data series to support leaders with implementing the initiatives.