MCESA offers customized professional learning workshops tailored to the needs of a school or district with follow-up coaching services to support the successful transfer of that learning to the school or classroom.

Professional Learning Services

MCESA's coaching services help implement learning from the workshops into the school or classroom through the following:

  • goal setting
  • reflective conferencing
  • PLCs
  • lesson modeling
  • walk-throughs
  • co-teaching
  • professional development
  • analyzing data


Professional Learning Courses

Anchor Reading Practices in AZCCRS

Participants will plan and implement strong reading instruction to meet the demands of Standards. Topics include a deeper understanding of instruction for reading to learn and resources to engage and empower students as independent readers. Additionally, An Integrated Model of Instruction will be introduced.

Using Mentor Texts to Improve Student Writing

Participants will read and analyze rich, complex texts, and then use them as models to enrich their own writing.  Also, participants will create plans to implement mentor texts in their classrooms. Topics include the qualities of rich text, connecting Close Reading to improved student writing, and finding mentor texts for your classroom.

Writing Essays: Opinion and Argument

Participants will employ the writing process and elements of argument to write opinion/argument texts. Topics include the differences between persuasion and argument, argument protocol, and strategies for engaging students in argument writing. Can be adapted for grades K-5 or 5-12.

Preparing Students for Writing Assessments

Participants will create lessons to prepare students for writing assessments.  To prepare students for assessments, teachers must explicitly teach students to write. Participants will determine specific grade-level expectations, as well as how to chunk practice and assessment; finding paired texts and creating writing prompts.

Standards in Practice

Participants will analyze and evaluate Standards documents and related materials to determine adaptions and additions needed to more fully implement the ELA Standards. Topics include the Six Shifts and the expectations of and research supporting the Standards.

Supporting Student Writers

Participants in Supporting Student Writers will learn strategies, including modeling, shared writing, collaboration, and writing frames, to help students become stronger, more confident writers.  Additionally, participants will engage in Joyful Writing Centers, varied writing practices designed to ignite creative and critical thinking.