Our local partner schools are feeling the stress and pressure from continual cuts to state funding and the expectation to do more with less.


Providing a team of school finance experts that leverage resources and offer support for the complexity of fiscal management.


Arizona currently has the second lowest average per pupil expenditure in the country. School finance teams are stretched thin and often to not have the capacity to maximize their budget allocations.

MCESA's financial management team is always ready to provide financial consulting, both working with school employees when navigating financial software and through all stages of budgeting and accounting processes. That includes working collaboratively with school districts in determining local property tax rates, assisting districts in complying with state and federal statutes and regulations, and acting as the fiscal liaison on behalf of school districts with local, county, state, and federal entities. MCES's team ensures dollars are being used to support children and their learning.

Overall, MCESA's financial services department aims for personalized help so that schools can accurately allocate dollars to operate efficiently in order to most benefit students.

 Learn about Arizona's Education Tax Credit and donate through the Tax Credit Portal by clicking above.

Learn about Arizona's Education Tax Credit and donate through the Tax Credit Portal by clicking above.

MCESA offers the following fiscal management services:

  • Financial consulting.
  • Reconciling cash balances with the County Treasurer's office.
  • Assist in budget preparation and analysis with school districts.
  • Reviewing annual financial reports and expenditure budgets.
  • Working cooperatively with school districts in determining local property tax rates.
  • Assisting school districts in complying with state and federal statutes and regulations.
  • Deposit revenues with the County Treasurer on behalf of school districts.
  • Act as a liaison on behalf of school districts with local, county, state and federal entities.



How I obtain a customized report?

Our Visions experts can create a customized report to meet your needs. Call Technical Support at 602-372-4833 for more information.

How can I obtain my district’s current reconciliation report?

Contact your Business Services Specialist. For your convenience, we can scan and send it via e-mail.

Can I provide MCESA and electronic copy of my Proposed, Adopted and any Revisions of my school districts budget. If so, where? Will I receive a MCESA stamp?

Yes.  According to A.R.S. 15-905 section A: it states paraphrasing “budget in electronic format for the budget year, which shall contain the information and be in the form as provided by the department of education.” The submittal information for Proposed, Adopted and any Revisions of school districts budget direct contact information is emcteam@mcesa.maricopa.gov. Once the information is provided, someone from the Fiscal Management & Consulting will provide the stamped copy for auditing purposes.

What is a Fiscal Agent?

By Arizona State statutes (A.R.S. 15-302), the office of the Superintendent provides accounting services to school districts such as payroll and expense processing, budget preparation and analysis, check and cash balance reconciliation, tax rate calculation, and financial report preparation.

What is an Education Service Agency?

The Arizona Dept. of Education has directed County school superintendent’s offices to provide services and support for the schools and their professional educators and administrators. Activities include facilitating workshops and training sessions that offer instruction in financial matters, curriculum development, student data analysis and subject improvement strategies. The office also provides teacher certification registration, student and teacher recognition programs and interpretation of state and federal educational initiatives and requirements.

Does your office conduct any trainings?

Yes, we currently offer training in Infinite Visions Enterprise Edition software via monthly meetings, as well as customized on-site training specific to your needs. We also offer individualized GL reconciliation training. Please contact the Business Services Team at emcteam@mcesa.maricopa.gov to schedule a visit with one of our specialists. In addition, we will provide training on the tax rate calculation process beginning in Fiscal Year 2011-2012. If you are in need or have any suggestions for additional training topics – regardless of content – we are happy to collaborate with you to accommodate your request.

Contact the Assistant Superintendent for Economic Management and Consulting Marc Kuffner