Provide leaders with a supportive, customizable, and individual path for their own learning. Establish a network of cross-district leaders that support each other's growth and development.

The Leading Series consists of courses for professional learning aligned to the Leading Observation Instrument elements and effective implementation of the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders. Each course can be delivered through face-to-face training either directly to leaders or through a trainer-of-trainer model. Implementation guides and MCESA coaching services are also available to support in facilitating successful professional learning for leaders. 

MCESA can also customize courses and follow-up support for schools and districts.

Distributive Leadership (6 hours): Participants will explore strategies effective in increasing distributed leadership and building capacity to support a change initiative. (LdOI Elements: Professional Development: Adjusting Support; Recruitment, Retention & Succession Planning)

Understanding Resistance (6 hours): Participants will create a plan to implement strategies for managing resistance to change and adjusting support. (LdOI Elements: Change Process, Mutual Trust and Respect, Conflict Facilitation)

Sustainability (6 hours): Participants will use systems thinking, resiliency, and healthy leading to ensure sustainability of their change initiative. (LdOI Elements: Change Process, Communication, Management Systems)

Supervision of Written, Taught, and Tested Curriculum (3 hours): Participants will explain how the SWTTC element helps to support a CIP. Participants will use criteria to either create, or refine existing method for gathering and organizing walk-through data. Participants will develop a system for monitoring and documenting the work and progress toward school goals. (LdOI Elements: Supervision of Written, Taught, and Tested Curriculum; Accountability for Goals; Implementation of Strategies; Educator Goal Plans)

PLCs for Leaders: Growing Effective PLCs (6 hours): Participants will analyze present levels of PLC effectiveness and create a differentiated plan to increase proficiency. (LdOI Elements: Professional Development: Adjusting Support, Collaborative Learning Structures)

Getting Ready: Framing/Data (6 hours): Participants will define data question(s) aligned  to a targeted topic (i.e. reading, STEM, student achievement, PBIS, intervention, school culture, attendance). (LdOI Elements: CIP: Goal Setting, CIP: Action Plans, Accountability for Goals)

Data Analysis (6 hours): Participants will analyze current data to develop a theory of action including potential benchmarks for monitoring effectiveness. (LdOI Elements: CIP: Goal Setting, CIP: Action Plans, Accountability for Goals)

Vision (6 hours): Participants will strengthen their vision through the creation of a public narrative to engage members of the school community and garner support for a change initiative. (LdOI Elements: Shared Purpose, Communication, CIP: Goal Setting, CIP: Action Plans)

Strategic Conversations (3 hours): Participants will identify stakeholders key to the success of the change initiative and plan strategic conversations for both supporting and opposing influences. (LdOI Elements: Change Process, Mutual Trust and Respect, Conflict Facilitation, Communication)

Systems Thinking (6 hours): Participants will understand the basics of systems thinking and be able to use systems thinking to create change within the school. (LdOI Elements: Change Process, School Resource Management, Management Systems)

High Functioning Teams (3 hours): Participant will build skills of the school leadership team and increase their leadership team's ability to influence the effectiveness of other leaders and teams on their campus. (LdOI Elements: Collaborative Learning Structures, Accountability for Goals, Group Facilitation)

Action Planning (6 hours): Participants will develop an action plan for implementation of their change initiative specific professional development, including thinking through benchmarks and monitoring structures. (LdOI Elements: Supervision of Written, Taught, and Tested Curriculum; Accountability for Goals, Implementation of Strategies, Educator Goal Plans)