Each one of the observation instruments has a professional learning series to support it. The series are a combination of online and face-to-face courses, and comprehensive resources to support professional learning communities and coaching relationships. There are customized differentiated support options to ensure the right fit for every educator in every system.


  • Learning Observation Overview
  • Objective Writing
  • Lesson Design
  • Supporting AZCCRS Through Task Analysis
  • Teacher Actions: Modeling
  • Guided Practice and Check for Understanding
  • Teacher Actions: Constructing Knowledge
  • Supporting the AZCCRS Through Formative Assessment
  • Monitor and Adjust Instruction
  • Supporting AZCCRS Through Learner Engagement


the coaching series

  • Coaching Observation Instrument Overview
  • Setting a Foundation for Coaching: Building Coaching Relationships
  • Setting a Foundation for Coaching: Coaching Skills
  • Setting a Foundation for Coaching: The Principal-Coach Partnership
  • Learning Observation Instrument Overview
  • Goal Driven Collaboration: Designing Coaching Support
  • Goal Driven Collaboration: Coaching Cycles

Learn more about the Coaching Series here.


  • Leading Observation Instrument Overview
  • Getting Ready: Framing/Data
  • Data Analysis
  • Vision
  • Strategic Conversations
  • Systems Thinking
  • High Functioning Teams
  • Distributive Leadership
  • Understanding Resistance
  • Sustainability
  • Supervision of Written, Taught, and Tested Curriculum
  • PLCs for Leaders: Growing Effective PLCs
  • Action Planning

Learn more about the Leading Series here.