College students visit classrooms and discuss what they are studying, connect the area of study to topics, activities, or items that are relevant to students, and present concrete examples of careers that will result from their studies.

We are currently seeking applications for college students interested in being a part of the Next Generation of Innovators Speaker Series. Students will attend a half-day workshop where they will refine their topics and get support on creating their classroom presentation. Students will work directly with the classroom teacher to arrange for dates/times to visit the classroom.

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Engineering STEM Identity was created to develop STEM identities in students that otherwise might not have that opportunity. We empower school systems to tackle this challenge by supporting students, developing teachers, and empowering school leaders.

Engineering STEM Identity has two goals:

  • Increase students's achievement and engagement by redesigning course content to develop STEM identity.
  • Increase teachers' effectiveness and competence in implementing redesigned course content and instructional practices.

Contact the Engineering STEM Identity Project Director, Gale Beauchamp  | 602-372.7295

Download the Engineering STEM Identity flyer.

MCESA collaborated with Arizona STEM Network on the research, design, and implementation model for the STEM Immersion Guide in individual schools and throughout school districts. It is written as an overarching framework to help chart a course for integrating STEM education in individual schools and through school districts.

The STEM Immersion Guide contains key design considerations specific to the categories of leading, teaching, learning, evaluating, budgeting, and sustaining within each of the four different STEM school models:

Download the STEM Immersion Guide flyer.

The STEM Walk-through Protocol is designed to be used by an instructional leader based upon 5 to 10 minutes spent in each classroom. It provides structure and allows for data capture regardless of the part of the lesson observed (beginning, middle, or end).

 Download the STEM Walkthrough Protocol flyer.

Download the STEM Walkthrough Protocol flyer.

MCESA is partnering with 100K in 10 to build the STEM capacity of 106 school leaders. By 2020, more than 2,120 Maricopa County math and science teachers will be developed, supported, and retained.

Workshops have been developed to support teachers and teacher-leaders with effective STEM integration. Workshops are offered quarterly at MCESA, or can be contracted to be customized and delivered at a school or district site.

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Exploration Using the Science and Engineering Practices

During this very interactive workshop, participants will examine an open-ended investigation for a specific interdisciplinary science/engineering task that includes exploration and inquiry.

Topics include designing lessons to include 3 dimensional learning with an emphasis on the science and engineering practices, and identifying how incorporating ELA, close reading, strategies can help reinforce science instruction. 

Infusing Inquiry Standards in Every Lesson

STEM Thing_110816_01.jpg

In this highly engaging workshop, participants develop/refine their understanding of science concepts through participating in the process of inquiry.

Topics include identifying how incorporating inquiry standards in every lesson enhances instruction and understanding.


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