Download the STEM Leadership Series flyer.

Download the STEM Leadership Series flyer.

The STEM Leadership Series consists of courses for professional learning aligned to the Leading Observation Instrument elements and effective implementation of the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders. Each course can be delivered through face-to-face training either directly to leaders or through a trainer-of-trainer model. Implementation guides and MCESA coaching services are also available to support in facilitating successful professional learning for leaders. 

MCESA can also customize courses and follow-up support for schools and districts.

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Session 1 Getting Ready: Framing/Data

Use the STEM Immersion Guide to gauge current strengths. Define data question(s) related to STEM implementation. 

Session 2 Data Analysis

Analyze current data to develop a theory of action including potential benchmarks for monitoring effectiveness. Introduction to the STEM Walk-through Protocol. 


Design systems for an effective school leadership team. (Principal and Leadership Team) 

Session 4 Action Planning / Vision 

Create an action plan and public narrative to engage members of the school community and garner support for a STEM change initiative.  

Session 5 Vision / Strategic Conversations 

Identify Stakeholders key to the success of the STEM change initiative and plan strategic conversations for both supporting and opposing influences.

Self-Paced Supports - Launching the Tools: Access an online portal with support for implementing STEM tools with your staff. 

Session 6 Distributed Leadership

Explore strategies effective in increasing distributed leadership and building capacity to support a STEM change initiative on your campus.

Self-Paced Supports - Understanding the Difference Between a STEM Lesson and a Typical Science/Math Lesson: Access an online portal to observe two lessons (1 STEM / 1 Science or Math) and use the STEM Walk-Through Tool to record evidence of best practices and identify the differences between the lessons with your staff.  

Session 7 Understanding Resistance

Create a plan to implement strategies for managing resistance to change and adjusting support. 

Session 8 Sustainability 

Use systems thinking, resiliency, and healthy leading to ensure sustainability of a STEM change initiative.

Self-Paced Supports - Analyzing Your Data Determining Next Steps: Use the results from the STEM Walkthrough Protocol to support your staff with data analysis.  

Session 9 Closing and Celebrations

Use data to evaluate the effectiveness of the STEM Initiative and plan for adjustments for the upcoming year. (Principal and Leadership Team)