Our partners share how difficult it is to acquire, install, and maintain an infrastructure that supports teachers and students with 21st Century learning expectations.


Help schools plan, implement, and maintain a robust technology infrastructure for educators and students


According to the U.S. Department of Education, "Technology now allows for personalized digital learning for every student in the nation so long as leaders have the technological infrastructure and human capacity in place to ensure success." However, less than 30 percent of schools have the bandwidth they need to teach using today's technology, according to the MIT Technology Review. Lack of access to technology is one of the biggest factors in economic inequity in the United States. Technology access across Maricopa County is inconsistent and students are missing out on becoming future ready.

The MCESA technology team's accomplishments were recognized in 2013 with the prestigious international Computerworld Honors Laureate for its innovative use of educational technology. The award of acknowledged the extensive array of technology services that keep MCESA's internal organization online and aid school districts. Services provided include, but are not limited to the following: 

  • IT executive leadership for your organization.
  • Strategic IT planning and technical roadmap development.
  • Technical IT project management.
  • Enterprise-wide IT end-user helpdesk support - MCESA will become your IT support services for your end users for your organization.
  • Enterprise-wide application support for applications such as MS Exchange, ERP systems, premise/cloud-based applications.
  • Enterprise-wide remote device support of Desktops, Laptops, Mobile devices, printers, etc.
  • Enterprise-wide Business Impact Analysis (BIA), Risk Analysis (RA), Business Continuity Planning (BCP), Disaster Recovery planning (DRP).
  • Technical IT RFP consulting/development.
  • Maintenance of enterprise computer network systems, including those for distance learning and the Infinite Visions Enterprise Edition software necessary for cash, budget, and grants management.
  • Audit preparation and remediation.
  • Enterprise-wide IT standards, policies and/or procedures.
  • IT Budget preparation and implementation.
  • IT Inventory hardware and software tracking.
  • E-Rate strategic planning and integration with enterprise IT strategy.


In order to consolidate resources and deliver a cost-effective financial solution to school districts, MCESA hosts the Financial Systems for most of the districts within Maricopa County. This software, Infinite Visions Enterprise Edition, is used by many districts nationwide to track assets, pay vendors, generate payroll and track budgets.

As part of this Consortium, school districts are able to reduce their administrative costs without giving up any functionality or flexibility. To further reduce costs our office provides first and second tier support to these school districts as part of a broader effort to increase school efficiency.

For documents and forms to do with Infinite Visions and Citrix, visit Documents and Forms.


Working proactively to support school districts using the Infinite Visions Enterprise Edition software

MCESA assists in supporting the Enterprise Accounting Software Enhancement (EASE) Group as part of a pro-active approach towards supporting the school districts we serve. We typically meet on the 2nd Monday of each month and have contact with districts throughout Maricopa County to discuss the use and enhancement of the Infinite Visions Enterprise Edition accounting software. Topics are typically preset at the beginning of the calendar year but can be modified to reflect any current topic affecting schools within Arizona.

  • ASCUS/EASE Contracts Handouts - Feb 12, 2016 by Tyler Tech These are the handouts and slides for the Feb 12 ASCUS/EASE meeting.  The presentation for Contracts was given by Val Breazeale of Tyler Tech
  • Tyler Tech ACA Reporting by Tyler Technologies Presentation on new information available in the IVEE 2015.3.XX release for the Affordable Care Act.
  • MCESA Payroll Tax Rates by FSS Information regarding using the IRS's 25% withholding rate on Supplemental Wages.
  • IVEE 2015.2.xx Release Overview by Tyler Technologies This PowerPoint was part of the introduction to the IVEE Quarter 2 release.
  • Position Import from Excel by Karla Soto This PowerPoint presentation was created for the Southern Arizona IV User Group in May 2013 and presented by Karla Soto from Nogales Unified.
  • Payroll Processing Changes in IVEE 2015.2.xx by Financial Systems Support This quick reference is to familiarize you with the changes made in IVEE 2015.2.xx with the Payroll Processing screen.
  • Tyler Technologies ASRS Guide for FY16 by Tyler Technologies This Tyler guide documents the changes made in IVEE 2015.2.xx to accommodate the new ASRS file format for FY16.
  • MCESA ASRS Primer by Financial Systems Support Documentation to help explain and facilitate changes made for FY16 and introduced in IVEE 2015.2.xx.
  • Generating Compensation Statements by Mike Martinez This presentation was given by MCESA at the Southern Arizona User Group meeting on October 3rd, 2013.  It covers the setup and use of generating compensation statements in Infinite Visions.
  • Salary Liability Example by Mike Martinez This spreadsheet was used to calculate whether or not an employee has been prepaid at any point during the school year.  By manipulating it for your district's situation you can determine whether you run the risk of pre-paying employees.

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