"To simulate the experience of reading with dyslexia, try using this key to decipher the coded statement below."

a=/z/  b=/y/  c=/x/  d=/w/  e=/v/  f=/u/  g=/t/  h=/s/  i=/r/  j=/q/  k=/p/  l=/o/  m=/n/  n=/m/  o=/l/  p=/k/  q=/j/  r=/i/  s=/h/  t=/g/  u=/f/  v=/e/  w=/d/  x=/c/  y=/b/  z=/a/

ivzwrmt drgs wbhocrz rh vcszfhgrmt

-Accommodating Students with Dyslexia by Jessica Hamman

How did you do? Exhausted? Or did you skip it because it would take too long? How would a student with dyslexia feel within the perky pace of today's classrooms?

Increase your dyslexia know-how to better support your learners today!

Click here to read about these easy to implement accommodations:

  1. Audio-books
  2. Note-taking Apps
  3. Recorded assignments/instruction
  4. Reduction in amount
  5. Text-to-speech Apps/Extensions

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