Learning Menu: Social Studies

As promised, today we pivot from math learning menus to social studies with a healthy helping of English language arts integration.


Similar to the math learning menu introduction, today’s video features learning menu strategies organized around a three-course meal analogy.  In the featured 7th grade social studies class, the teacher offers the following “courses:”

Appetizers – A choice of activities requiring students to demonstrate comprehension of key details.

Entrées – A choice of activities wherein students demonstrate an ability to trace the development of central ideas and draw deeper inferences from the text.

Dessert – A choice of activities to challenge students to analyze and synthesize information from the text.

In addition to the video, you will notice a link to a Word document of the learning menu options showcased in the video.  The link is directly below the reflection questions to the right of the video player.

Thursday’s content du jour is science strategies!  We hope you find today’s dish delectable!