Professional Collaboration: Reaping the Benefits

“Teachers have a million things to do every day, and if we did not share the work, we would have three times as much work than we have right now.”

Every classroom teacher, whether new to the profession or a 30-year veteran, will identify with these words, spoken by Barbara McCoy, a featured teacher in today’s chapter of our professional collaboration series.

This short video highlights how two veteran science teachers successfully collaborate.  Although their school provides a common prep period in order to facilitate their work, many teachers have found time to work together outside of the school day in order to reap the benefits of collaboration.

In addition to working together, both teachers speak to the reciprocal benefit of hosting a student teacher.  As you watch the video, consider:

How does collaboration with a colleague, whether formally or informally, ultimately “lighten the load” of teaching?

How does mentoring a novice teacher enhance the practice of a veteran teacher?

How can engaging in intentional conversations about one’s teaching serve as a means of reflection and, ultimately, improved professional practice?