What does next year’s master schedule say about your school’s values?

As you plan for next year, look at your schedule as a tool to serve students equitably. 

  • Do the students with the greatest needs get served by your best teachers?
  • Are the students who have had less-than-proficient teachers this year scheduled to be with highly effective teachers next year?
  • Do transportation needs or cafeteria staffing create hurdles that impact learning or planning time?
  • Can parents give input on the qualities they want their child’s teacher to possess? 
  • Are the grade levels with specials/planning time connected to lunch or the morning/afternoon bell the same teams who need the most support in collaborative planning? 
  • Are there patterns to consider from students who come from feeder schools or who feed into another school?  Are there hurdles to accessing algebra or honors classes? 
  • Do any single classes like band, weight training, or honors math mean that a cohort of students travel together throughout the day?
  • Do all students have access to intervention and enrichment time? 

As a team, take an outside perspective and study your master schedule.  Based on the schedule and how students are assigned, see if there is a mismatch with your core values and work to bring your schedule in line with your vision.