How do I check if a warrant has been cashed?

First needed is the warrant number , if your district does not have Treasurer access then call or email the Maricopa County AP dept and info will be verified. Also a copy of warrant will be provided if requested.

What do I do to request a replacement of lost warrant?

There are forms available on the web site under forms for a stop payment, lost warrant cover sheet and an affidavit .  The forms need to be turned in to Millie in  Business Services (formally AP department )which in turn will process and submit to the Clerk of the Board for reissue approval.

How long is the wait time before a replacement is reissued?

Usually timeframe is 10 days. Once permission is received a check will be issued and the District notified when ready for pick up.

What if an employee does not receive their direct deposit?

Check to make sure one was issued. Verify with employee that the bank information i.e. account number and routing number is correct. Business Services receives notification of returned funds starting with the day after payroll’s pay date . Length of time could be as long as 5 days.

How soon are funds reissued to employee if a direct deposit rejects?

Business services will reissue that same day so a live check will be available for pick up that afternoon.

What if a teacher does not have a current certification?

Business services will pull any physical check and hold until a current certification is received. If the teacher is on direct deposit the District has until Wednesday at 5:00 p.m. to provide a current certificate if none is received then the funds will be reversed from their bank account and a physical check issued and held until such time a certificate is received and recorded.

What is the procedure for releasing warrants for payroll on certified personnel?

Current certification needs to be recorded by County business services prior to the District’s payroll being processed. A listing is generated after payroll processing and emailed to the respective district for follow-up .

What if I still have questions regarding certification, payroll and accounts payable processing.

We are just a phone call or email away. Do not hesitate to contact the Finance Desk at 602-372-4833 (Option 2) or

List of Services:

  • Convenient pick-up and delivery of inter-school mail within Maricopa County
  • Walk-in recording of teaching certificates
  • Payroll and A/P check processing for districts (where we have fiscal responsibility)
  • Verification of budget and cash balances to ensure release of warrants to districts
  • Void checks, cancellation of warrants (treasurer side)
  • Emergency check processing (special conditions & authorization needed)
  • Certificates of Educational Convenience both A & B
  • Provide help and guidance to districts or direct them to appropriate department/personnel